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    98: Towing Sale, Marine Magellan, Marine Radios 101 Part 2

    TheBoaters TV

    by TheBoaters TV

    First up, let's see what's making waves in Nautical News... BoatU.S. has cut the price of their inland towing plans by 70 percent. A TowBoat U.S. and Vessel Assist unlimited towing plan for boaters on freshwater lakes and rivers is now only $34 a year.
    Next in Bosun's Locker... It's hard not to worry about your boat once you leave the marina parking lot. Whether you leave your boat for weeks at a time or you're a liveaboard who leaves for only a few hours, wouldn't it be nice to have the security that someone or something is always watching over your vessel? The Marine Magellan by Paradox Marine is an all-in-one wireless security and monitoring system.
    Then in Nautical Know How... Marine Radios 101, Part 2! On Monday's episode we reviewed some of the language and procedures to be used in a non-emergency situation on your VHF marine radio. Now let's go over how to use your radio if you're in need of help.
    And finally, it's time to reveal Stacey's Sealebrity profile pick of the day, which is: Captain Bill Spears and his 40 foot houseboat, Mojo!
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