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    Mushroomhead : Simpleton | music only

    Bob Arctor

    par Bob Arctor

    610 vues
    Avant de devenir un groupe de néo-metal moisi de plus, Mushroomhead a pondu des petits bijoux fusion comme celui là.


    Beat like a dog
    Pissing all over shit on the rug
    Lie down and roll over,
    shove my nose in the floor
    Make me think about what I have done
    Pledge your dependencies
    Soon jealousies
    Tendencies turn
    Secrets we share
    Into weapons of warfare
    Bleed like the creep
    That I have become face down in shit
    And I want you to beat me senseless
    What I have done, it's just begun
    Face down in shit
    And I want you to be me senseless

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