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    Lactation, Sex, Fast Food and Porn


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    by DadLabs

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    DadLabs Ep. 267 Daditude - Breastfeeding is best for the baby, but according to Daddy Owen, it's hell on your love life. In this Daditude episode, Owen finds parallels between his sex life and eating fast food...alone...and in the car. Follow his six easy steps and spice up your marital love life. Maybe you can end up getting as much action as Owen, or maybe even more, which would not really be that hard.

    Owen's six simple steps to getting your wife to have sex with you:

    1. Beg for sex
    2. Guilt her into sex
    3. Have sex with her while she is sleeping
    4. Pay her for sex
    5. Get porn
    6. Pretend you dating a young Catholic girl

    Please disregard all references to professional sexual services, as Owen didn't really mean that. Please have a happy, and whore-free, Valentine's Day.