Ravishing Rick Rude vs Ric Flair-World Heavyweight Title (2)


by TSteck160

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At least WCW put the world title on him unlike WWE never did with all though respect to them. I hope someday they will release a Rick Rude DVD and this match include it.
By jmendoza29 2 years ago
Rude came so close to holding a legitimate World Title until WCW pulled out of the NWA about 3 weeks before the PPV. He held this belt 3 times but none of them meant a thing according to the history books. Just bad luck and bad timing for Rude. Superb worker.
By ants84 6 years ago
This match was great of course with two pros like Flair and Rude telling a story! I didn't mind the finish even though it could have been alittle better for a title change!
By thebigandgreat1 6 years ago
Was that a Fist Drop at the 17:17 mark?
By King_of_Wrestling 6 years ago
raveshing rick rude one the all time top ten best wrestlers
By TomActor 7 years ago
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