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    demo rueda


    par panach64

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    bebe wong
    It was a great salsa rueda. I am learning salsa rueda here too. But yrs are more fun.. hope one day can exchange the styles that u dance.. great dance..
    Par bebe wongIl y a 10 ans
    Thank's for your nice & kind answer to me!
    I excuse you very well! great selsero lol!!! lolol!

    I'm not french, but I could!

    Maskott is just an idea of a french girl...

    I only live in France from time to time!

    And sometime take my lugages and fly away, when dreams are too hot. And love stories too hard, when princes fade into frozen frogs...

    Scuse me dear, today, my mind is only feeled with jokes and laugthes!

    I can speak french, if it's what you're meaning! I can and I do!

    Bref, Oui, votre vidéo, même si vous n'y êtes pas (!?) a le mérite d'être très didactique et de présenter calmement un enchainement faisable et probable pour débutants.
    Aussi je vous remercie de l'avoir présentée à mes yeux ébahis et combien admirateurs, et je vais la bloguer de ce pas! pour les débutants justement!

    A plus, sans doute, ou peut-être.


    (NB): j'ai d'autres clips de ruedas très sombre hélas et difficile à "écouter" vu les interférences dans la sono! mais je les mettrai peut-être quand même! je verrai. Pour le moment pas trop le temps de bloguer, because animations plein po tout juin puis vacances plusieurs mois ailleurs.

    Par maskottIl y a 10 ans
    What do you mean with your com by me?

    That the rueda I'd presented is too slow and not in the style or that your vidéo is too slow and not in the the style???

    No matter, that was I 've answer to you dear on my daily motion blog!

    "Dear panach64
    it's not very important if you find that's not rigth, I'm not the teacher or the leader of this group!
    And I've not got their adress to say them what you are meaning or thinking about!!! shade!

    If, soon I put other clips with ruedas, I'll not ask your apreciation about! but...nice to read you!

    Thank's for your comments dear!"

    But I'm looking at your clip with much interest, you know?

    I've a blog on canalblog which is a dance blog one, and I'll program your clip on my blog in section latin dances and salsa, because everybody can well understand what to do in a rueda , more than in a nigth exhibition!

    I'm happy to see that salsa is flooding the world, even in France!!!

    Happy to know a fan such as you!
    Par maskottIl y a 10 ans