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    Breaking news about the suspects of the september 11 Attack


    by GetTheDaily

    Breaking news about the suspects of the september 11th
    attacks, plus a way to keep your dirtiest secrets, secret and
    the billion dollar takeover bid that was turned down.

    Hi everyone I"m Andrea Rene for get the Its time to
    look at some top national stories.
    Earlier this morning authorities at the Pentagon announced
    they put murder and consipracy charges against some of the
    alleged planners of the September 11th attacks. Khalid
    Mohammed is among five other individuals behind bars, and if
    convicted, prosectuors will seek the death penalty. The
    charges are being brought by an appointee at Guantanamo Bay
    and are the first alleging direct involvement in terrorist
    attacks from 2001. Mohammed is a Pakistani national who
    confessed to being involved, but some officials are concerned
    about his confession being inadmissible because he was subject
    to "waterboarding," which is considering by many to be a form
    of torture. We'll have more details on this case as they

    TV shows like CSI have most us believing that the police can
    get their hands almost any evidence they want these days, but
    good news! You can keep your secret online foot fetish private
    because there is a software available for the low price of
    $200 that will keep your dirtiest hard drive secrets, secret.
    But the downside is creeps like Sebastian Boucher can also
    hide their nasty child pornographer habits as well. He was
    arrested at the Canadian border with a laptop that had
    incriminating files names in it, problem was, authorities
    couldn't unlock the curious Z drive they were located in. It
    uses an encryption similar to what banks use to protect your
    money and it is sold under the name Pretty Good Protection or
    PGP. Luckily for authorities they were able to hack it after
    some high tech help, but for the average joe, impossible.
    Boucher is now looking at 20 years behind bars.
    And in other internet news, Yahoo Inc. turned down Microsoft's
    bid of 44.6 $billion dollars as part ...