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    Revolution Began with Love and Flowers


    by MultiVu

    2008 Valentine's Predicted "Eco-Tipping Point" for $21 Billion U.S. floral market

    When Gerald Prolman fell head-over-heals in love with French Jazz singer Raquel Bitton, he used magnificent floral bouquets to win her heart. He went on to create something entirely unexpected: an eco-floral revolution worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

    Spending countless hours in florist shops, Prolman had discovered that, behind the beautiful blooms, lay a darker reality: flowers are typically grown with artillery of chemicals that can negatively effect the environment, the farm workers who handle the flowers, the wildlife, and the ecology.

    Prolman — who had already helped build what has become the multi-billion dollar organic produce sector — set his sights on converting the entire floral industry towards stringent ecological standards. No small vision, for a guy who, just a few years earlier, barely knew a gardenia from a gerbera daisy.