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    A-Ha -The living daylights (BO James Bond)


    par Steph75

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    Martin Gomez
    This soundtrack made by A-ha is one of the best in the franchise along with Duran Duran view to a kill.
    Par Martin GomezL'année dernière
    Martin Gomez
    Timothy Dalton is true to the original in this installment of Bond he had been chased for quite a long time since he casted in Wethering Heights finally in 1987 he finished his previous contracts and the age was not a problem anymore. He took the role clearly stating that he wanted to be true to the book. So far the best Bond after Connery
    Par Martin GomezL'année dernière
    Vendredi après-midi, tour des BO de 007.
    Par orochirmaruIl y a 6 ans
    Par THIERRYIl y a 6 ans
    Dan Seymour
    Toute mon époque !
    Je suis fan des Bond, des groupes années 80's...
    Venez voir chez moi, vous me direz ce que vous en pensez !
    Amicalement, Dan Seymour
    Par Dan SeymourIl y a 7 ans