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    Soul Train Dance Contest 1972


    par pingoo

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    il doive avoir + de 50 ans les danseur
    Par alli12Il y a 9 ans
    OMG this id pricesess I saw this concert of tv Jamito Joe Freeman was the shit she is wea ring a dashaki and cak keep her leg up for a long time she is mu girl. She also poaid a fun on the Show Private Bengamin she was one of the feo blak members. but you gotta see the talent on that girl. When Joe Tex performs he is then met eith a girl doing the craziest moves combination Robbot and other shit I am sure she just made up. She was an important about sout tain they were thery every week bringing somethingnew and dfferent to the show, God I see mydels on the line and I have not lost one stem I could pick it up faily quiclky now I am talking the old shit not thes new gringing crap plese that is not gringing it is a free grinding to orgazm I am not being crazy I have seen it and it really osnt attracting in any way.
    Par MsTinaIl y a 9 ans
    Luigi luigimacfredo
    On reconnait déja des pas de break, toujours très classe le James.
    Par Luigi luigimacfredoIl y a 9 ans
    ca fais plaisir !!
    Par Funky-GreenIl y a 10 ans
    classe james
    Par funkygroooveIl y a 10 ans