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    Vintage Gunfighter, Fist Fight Movie with Jim Davis (1957)

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    From the producer and director of “The Grand Ole Opry,” comes Raiders of Old California, a taut action Western film. Unusual in that it shows Mexicans being attacked by white men, the film is a nonstop assault of marauding, looting, and all out battle. Eventually, the leader of the American raiders Angus McKane (Jim Davis), wins out and establishes his own town. McKane is insidious and militaristic, eschewing human rights for his own selfish greed. Eventually a judge and marshal come to town to establish order, and the resulting legal drama, chaos, and Wild West style action breaks out of the floodgates. Raiders of Old California is fistfights, gunfights, and fights on horseback, but it’s also well acted and well produced, making it a rare joy of classic western cinema.