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    You'll Wish You Never Met Them


    by HieisWolfGirl

    Even though I hate Hilary and Ming Ming I decided to use them in this vid cause they fit this song no matter what you say. and in a way I got to insult them. oh and at the beginning where it looks like I meant for Ming Ming to sing. I didn't...I only used those clips there more for the movements then the actual singing. the only time I meant for her to sing way when she was in the top or bottom corners. which on YouTube might be hard to see^^; oh and about those clips I hated to have to reuse the same clips of her singing but the ones where she is singing in her fight with Daichi have a big block thing on them. so I thought it be better to just reuse the clips of her singing the first time.
    Also there isn't suppose to be any couple hits in this...well there was but then I thought I'd use other guys too...the only pairings I was going to hit at at first where RayxMariah, TysonxHilary, Ming MingxDaichi, and Ming MingxKenny...which is why there is more of them then any of the other guys^^;

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