Owen Hart Dead

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English : On May, 23rd 1999 in Kemper Arena in the Missouri, the World Wrestling Federation presented the Pay Per View Over The Edge 1999.
In the middle of the evening, the match for the Intercontinental Belt was going to set Owen Hart (alias Blue Blazer) VS The Godfather.But a drama occured. Owen Hart had to enter on the ring by coming down on a footbridge while being hung on on a rope. This entrance was thus made at more than 30 metres in height above the arena. Owen Hart was extremely afraid of the height. He had already made this dangerous act before this day to train hisself. Here is the scale that he borrowed to rise. Here is the footbridge that he borrowed to coming down. The drama came : the rope broke and Owen fell of more than 30 metres and struck the iron post of the ring. He was immediately brought to the hospital but it was too late, he was died. Nobody would have been able to survive of the similar fall. On television, a spot for the WWF was launched to hide the incident


Il bellissimo:Owen Hart stava malissimo vicino a quell'essere INSIGNIFICANTE di:Martha Patterson!. Se Owen fosse oggi vivo sarebbe con me:bellissima donna perfetta e apposta per lui,ma da lassu' Owen mi guarda e aspetta solo me per raggiungerlo!
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