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    Buster Keaton in Wild Comedy of Manners Movie! (1931)

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    Buster Keaton is the master comedian of the silent film era, with clever gags galore, and Parlor, Bedroom and Bath is one of Buster Keaton’s best talking films in the later part of his career. Keaton plays a moronic commoner who gets caught up in the romantic plots of a wealthy playboy who wants to marry off his love’s older sister. Keaton is to be fixed up with her, but first he must be taught proper etiquette! Here is where Keaton gets to shine, with his awkward physical comedy and inventive sight gags. This feature length and speaking version of Keaton’s work benefits from a large budget, beautiful sets and beautiful women. Parlor, Bedroom and Bath is like almost all of Keaton’s work: not to be missed!