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    Wollensak 5750 Vintage Tape Recorder Restoration

    Performance Demo of Wollensak 5750 vintage reel to reel tape recorder restored in late 2007.

    Complete restoration details with stereo sound samples, diagrams and links to places to get parts and info are provided on our Wollensak Restoration Web site:

    In 1967, this was one of a series (the 5000 series) of "designer" tape recorders that supposedly went up against the AMPEX market.

    IMHO this is a beautiful design with quite a few original mechanical attributes (i.e. their "power cam" operation.)

    It appears that the series lasted about 4 years (circa 1965 to 1969.) I bought this unit on E-Bay, it came as a DOA (busted)- no surprise there.

    I spent quite a bit of time restoring the machine and wrote a web site about it that details how I restored/rebuilt the walnut finish cabinets, got and installed all new rubber parts and adjusted the machine for near new performance, even after it had suffered almost 40 years of neglect.

    Although the sound here is mono and as the camera mike picks up, The Web site has a stereo performance that is IMHO just incredible - it was made by plugging the Wollensak to the line in of the computer.

    The site also has lot of detailed pictures and information for tape recorder buffs, including a history of the series, links to catalogs and ads (some of these are hysterical by today's standards) and links to places where one can get custom made parts and manuals for vintage reel to reel tape recorders of all types.

    This video shows the restored machine in operation. The unit is NOT FOR SALE. The web site has complete restoration details, shows the interior operation of the machine, and has parts/information sources for tape recorder enthusiasts of all kinds.

    Just Google ClydeSight and click on the tape recorder on the landing page.