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    A Crisis in America ~ An Urgent Message to My Fellow America


    by humanawareness

    In this wide-ranging work, Stephen Paine exposes the forces at work—stemming from the machinations of
    religious extremists from each major monotheistic religion—that threaten the survival of democracy, peace
    and stability in the U.S. and indeed around the globe. In powerful, forceful prose, Paine—who is also the
    founder of the Web community—shows how the beginning of religious fundamentalism
    in this country extends all the way to the republic’s founding—and how it’s never been more of a threat
    than it is right now.

    The book, now available through the author’s Web site at, is a
    frightening glimpse into the ways in which religious actors have injected their belief systems into every
    level of the political system and social environment, a fact that threatens the continued existence of the