Paul Washer His Adultery with Falsehood Youtube Video Sermon

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In this Youtube video sermon, we hear Paul Washer teaching salvation by works. He says, “If you’re lost – if you know not Christ … What should you do? Throw yourself upon Christ. Throw yourself upon Christ. Throw yourself upon Christ. Call on the name of the Lord and you will not be disappointed. Cry out, “Save me, O God. Save me.” “When and where shall I do this, preacher?” Do it now. Do it where you’re seated because you might not even live past another step or a breath. Do it now. Do it now.” (Sermon, “True Gospel Part 2 – What is the Gospel”, June-28-2007. Quote begins at 1hr 24min 50sec)

“Do, do, do” are clearly Washer’s favorite words. Mixing grace and works are his expertise. Perhaps Washer should become a Roman Catholic priest (I hear there’s a shortage in America of them at the moment). Certainly, he can’t be a preacher of the Apostolic Gospel. Here’s the Gospel that the apostles preached…

1 Corinthians 1
18 For the WORD OF THE CROSS is foolishness to those being lost, but to us being saved, IT IS THE POWER OF GOD.
24 but to the called out ones, both to Jews and to Greeks, Christ is the power of God and the wisdom of God;
(Taken from JP Green’s Literal Translation.)

The Apostle Paul says that men are brought to life through the gospel – not through their own striving, straining or doing. Now, why does Paul Washer demean and trash the truth as a useless thing? Why must we do something ON TOP of the truth to know we are justified? Is the truth of the gospel some common, useless thing that anyone can possess? Washer says so. He says…

“If you’re lost – if you know not Christ – you’ve heard a madman, you think. Then listen to the words of the madman. You know what I’ve said about you is true. We don’t even have to argue that point. You know. Now, you might hate it – that I don’t know about your heart. But you know it’s true. As a matter of fact, you know enough about its ...


you misunderstand the gospel like many others did in day of the new testament. peter said that Paul was difficult to understand. so many people use paul to argue tolerance for sin. but logically if your argument for your position depends solely on the preaching of paul's letters you have to come to one of two conclusions 1. paul's was preaching in opposition of what the other disciples were preaching including Jesus Christ himself or 2. you like many others of the day misunderstood what paul meant, as peter mentioned people tend to do. and you are simply wrong. yes we all know that we can not earn salvation nor atone for our sins by works. this is a true statement. we also know that Christ paid for sin in full with his death on the cross. this is also true. what people fail to realize is this, Christ dying on the cross is like an insurance company offering free full coverage insurance. its free but you still have to sign up for the policy other wise it doesn't cover you. while you have it atones for all your sins, but you still have to trade in your old sinful policy to convert to the new one. works does not earn you anything but acts as proof you are covered by Christ. your ticket to heaven is the holyspirit in your heart which compels you to act according to the lifestyle Christ wants for us. if you live counter to this its probably because Christ is not in you. Christ said if you remain in me I will remain in you. so yes it is conditional. you are covered by this salvation insurance policy and you need to stay with the policy incase you die. it then covers you at the time of death. it covers all your sin but you must maintain the policy which does not allow for the sinner to continue in the same lifestyle prior to accepting this policy. Christ paid for all our sin debt. he is handing out the free vouchers for all who want their sin covered. if you think just because he died and paid for sin that you are covered without accepting the voucher (which is in truth the act of conversion) then you are wrong. but that servant who knew his lords will but prepared himself not nor did according to his will.....the lord of that servant will come in a time when he is unaware and will cut that servant asunder and appoint that servant his portion with the unbelievers (even though he is a believer) and there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. remember if you are arguing for sin tolerance you are probably not on the side of God. you can't lawyer your way into heaven.
By chrisflaker July
I wished someone would do to you what you do to Paul. Disecting and distorting EVERYTHING YOU SAY. You can be so lucky that no one does.
I have never heard someone like misinterpreting another speaker the way you do, nor who is taking sermons so out of context, you are ALWAYS beside the points. Your words are empty, misleading and I can see not one bit of the holy spirit working in or through you. I am also highly annoyed about all your videos on youtube, as when wishing to see Paul Washer I have to wade through your annoying stuff first, you are virtually in the way. Your explanations are weak and frustrating instead clarifying or informative. And someone who cannot even listen well enough to what is actually being said and need to work with such incredible selective hearing, how can be trusted? And worst you distort the voice of the speaker that he sounds weird. You really must have a personal issue with Paul.
By JesusChristIsLord 4 years ago
I have never heard someone like you misinterpreting a speaker in the way you do. I have also never heard someone listening so beside the points being made.
Your words are empty, misleading and I can see nor feel one bit of the holy spirit working in you or through you. I would love to see your personal life against that of Paul Washer's.
I am also highly annoyed about all your videos on youtube, as when I enter Paul Washer wishing to see something about him, you are constantly virtually in the way.
Most of the people listening to your stuff are annoyed instead of feeling in any way properly informed. Because if you cannot even listen well enough to what is actually said and work with such incredible selective hearing, how can one or even want one to listen to you.
You add nothing but pathetic talk, not even worth discussing it. So please could you just go away, just go away?
By JesusChristIsLord 4 years ago
Whooa! Thank you for your video! It has given me the perfect examples of those who claim to be christian, and are only wolves dreesed like sheeps! who only knows how to critisize and damage others! Why don't you, instead of trying to bring down a man of God, go to the street and preach the gospel (or your version of the gospel) like Paul Washer has done many times!! come on! we are here to bring hope! not confusion!!
By kranuts 5 years ago