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    Paul Washer His Adultery with Falsehood Youtube Video Sermon


    by andrew_c_bain

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    In this Youtube video sermon, we hear Paul Washer teaching salvation by works. He says, “If you’re lost – if you know not Christ … What should you do? Throw yourself upon Christ. Throw yourself upon Christ. Throw yourself upon Christ. Call on the name of the Lord and you will not be disappointed. Cry out, “Save me, O God. Save me.” “When and where shall I do this, preacher?” Do it now. Do it where you’re seated because you might not even live past another step or a breath. Do it now. Do it now.” (Sermon, “True Gospel Part 2 – What is the Gospel”, June-28-2007. Quote begins at 1hr 24min 50sec)

    “Do, do, do” are clearly Washer’s favorite words. Mixing grace and works are his expertise. Perhaps Washer should become a Roman Catholic priest (I hear there’s a shortage in America of them at the moment). Certainly, he can’t be a preacher of the Apostolic Gospel. Here’s the Gospel that the apostles preached…

    1 Corinthians 1
    18 For the WORD OF THE CROSS is foolishness to those being lost, but to us being saved, IT IS THE POWER OF GOD.
    24 but to the called out ones, both to Jews and to Greeks, Christ is the power of God and the wisdom of God;
    (Taken from JP Green’s Literal Translation.)

    The Apostle Paul says that men are brought to life through the gospel – not through their own striving, straining or doing. Now, why does Paul Washer demean and trash the truth as a useless thing? Why must we do something ON TOP of the truth to know we are justified? Is the truth of the gospel some common, useless thing that anyone can possess? Washer says so. He says…

    “If you’re lost – if you know not Christ – you’ve heard a madman, you think. Then listen to the words of the madman. You know what I’ve said about you is true. We don’t even have to argue that point. You know. Now, you might hate it – that I don’t know about your heart. But you know it’s true. As a matter of fact, you know enough about its ...