Invisible Hand


by frankpatton

It all seems to be an illusion. I try to see this hand that is said to be real. It's said to be invisible. So is it a myth? Or is it real? Is being invisible a reality? Are ideas nothing more than illusions? Are they kinds of myths? Driving what we call reality? Is the invisible hand a myth? Are ideas simply a brain's way of thinking? Is that invisible hand a fiction? Or... Is being invisible a reality? Am I really free to answer that question? Am I free to stop breathing? Could economics be a myth or empirical fact? More or less real than any other experience? Do I have a choice whether or not to do something? Is determinism true? Is morality an illusion? Is the invisible hand make-believe? Should I use praise or blame? Should I admire or show contempt? Should I approve or disapprove? Or should it all be eradicated? Is the invisible hand moral? Am I free to choose? Choose between courses of action? Do I enjoy freedom of will? It seems to be