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    Comic Book Reviews: Uncanny X-Men#495 and Detective Comics



    We've got THREE Newsarama Sneak Reviews in this episode. First, Uncanny X-Men follows up the conclusion of the Messiah Complex. It's a great jumping on point for anyone unfamiliar with the X-Men if such a person actually exists.

    Then, we get a Batman Animated series feeling from Detective Comics #841, helmed by Paul Dini. We take back all the bad things we said about Paul Dini.

    And we got our hands on the premiere issue of Clandestine #1, slated to hit the stands on Wednesday. Alex recommends it based on the artwork alone, but is it worth picking up?

    Then in the speed round, we check out Fist of Justice #1, Captain America #34, Black Adam #6, Black Summer #5 and Madman #6.

    Today in the Stack Mailbag, we tell you which comic book characters we would date if we could. Who wouldn't want a superhero for their valentine?

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