April Nevin:Getting High

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April Nevin
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I get high on drugs because I want to, not because my friends or family do it.


nope stupidest way to get high cat food seriously who would eat cat food are you that desperate to get high seriously
By stephen fortner 2 years ago
You are pretty, to bad that the only thing you got going for you... Do some reshearch and stop asking stupid questions
By Jure Belaj 4 years ago
haha your videos are hella funny :) and its hard to explaine why gettin high is fun.. you just gotta try it.
and grambo4 pain killers are fun, tryin takin half a bottle of vikodin. then like a glass of vodka. :) fun.
By rob4789 4 years ago
yeah, you have some fucked up friends - you should get some new ones. Your friends: a) think its ok to have sex in front of you, b) waste their lives getting high, c) peer pressure you into getting high (kudos on saying no, by the way!), d) think that drinking cough syrup to get high is alright -- it's actually really dangerous and habit forming. people die from over abuse of house hold pain killers / cold medicine.

You should move away and start a new life, or at least find better people to hang out with. Seriously.
By Grambo4 5 years ago
lolololol "its like having spider scences, whats fun with that?! ahahahahahaha it must be pure fun being spiderman!
but honestly: drugs are sbstances which stimulate brain areas. the molekule is built exactely like a messenger substance our body produces. if it gets in ur brain, ul lfeel that emotion without reason...
a boxer feels the pain after the match, cause during the fight his body produces a messenger which makes him painless, same used in painblockers, so now u dont have to fight in order not to feel ur headache... most drugs make ur serotonin flooding ur brain, just like a good orgasm, that happy, relaxed feeling afterwards, but drugs re much more intense. in a short sentence: we manipulate our reward-system in our brain to give those rewards without deserving it, not bad eh?^^
By vranni 5 years ago
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