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Jimi Hendrix Medley Cover

il y a 10 ans4.3K views



Another Medley after the RHCP, Beatles & Jeff Beck ones.

I recorded it with my Strat CS 60 Relic
I use a POD Toneport UX1, a radial classic distortion and a Behringer HB01 Hell babe

Track list :
Tunning EbAbGbDbBbEb
Spanish Castle Magic (0:00)
Bold As Love (0:28)

Std Tunning

Foxy Lady (2:03)
Fire (2:40)
All Along The Watchtower (3:47)
Voodoo Child (4:12)
Red House (5:32)
Hey Joe (6:20)
Little Wing (7:30)
Castles Made Of Sands (8:41)

I found all the BT on guitarbt dot com & guitarvoice dot com, except for Castles Made Of Sands, A friend of mine " The 8step " made it.

Thank you for those who will watch the medley

I hope you'll enjoy it,

Please Comment & rate

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Jimi Hendrix Medley Cover
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