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Self-Help Yourself

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a52's visual effects contributions to two :60 CareerBuilder.com spots from advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy and The Directors Bureau director Mike Mills which debuted on ESPN's SportsCenter following yesterday's broadcast of Super Bowl XLII. Each of the humorous spots uses a similar approach to show a worker eassessing his career situation. In "Self-Help Yourself," a man receives some pointed job-seeking counsel from himself appearing as his own wife and co-workers. In "Help You Help You," a man walks into a shop where he confronts himself, picks himself up and carries himself out the door. "a52 and (Rock Paper Scissors) were meticulous with all the technical details, which allowed us to focus on the performances, script, and art direction," Wieden+Kennedy copywriter Jason Bagley says in our story below. "The whole process was very smooth and we ouldn't be happier with how the effects turned out."