"Operation smile" public art display for windows live


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For the launch of Windows Live Wave 2 late last year, Microsoft together with the non-profit organization “Operation Smile” hosted an event in New York with a dazzling art installation featuring a 60-feet wide white sphere. On this sphere, they projected a dynamically-generated visualization of smiling faces with thousands of smaller pictures. The end result if nothing of a sheer visual spectacle. And because everything was rendered in real-time, attendees at the event could even upload their own face pictures into the pool of faces although I’m sure it’ll be one hell of a “Where’s Waldo” to find.

It was put together by creative studio “firstborn” http://www.firstbornmultimedia.com/#/our-portfolio/1007/ using an open-source visual graphics platform called Processing http://www.processing.org/. Check out their website for more gorgeous screenshots http://www.firstbornmultimedia.com/gallery/gallery.asp?title=Digital%20Kitchen&stitle=Design%20by%20Processing§ion=1&total=11 as well as a look at the behind the scenes wizardry http://www.firstbornmultimedia.com/gallery/gallery.asp?title=Digital%20Kitchen&stitle=Design%20by%20Processing§ion=1&total=11.

This sure gives the Times Square NYE Ball http://www.timessquarenyc.org/nye/nye_ball.html a run for its money.

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Beau , mais com d'hab en extérieur urbain "festif": les nuisances lumineuses atténuent les effets...
Par Vlad Il y a 7 ans