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    Burning Crusade the movie by jack part1


    par Barzull

    20 630 vues
    Voilà la nouvelle vidéo du grand Jack !!!
    vraiment très belle,bravo à lui
    partie 2 ==>
    partie 3 ==>
    ceci est la partie 1

    musiques :

    M.Manson – resident evil main theme
    God of war 2 OSTt – Junki Xl Colossus remix
    300 OST- fight ine the shade
    Oaul Oakenfold-Dread rock
    God of war 2 OST- Waking the sleeping Giant
    Hans Zimmer – The Rock OST
    Blizzard – Thunderbluff walking01
    M.Manson –Seizure of power (resident Evil OST)
    Brand X- eliminator (remaster)
    Tyler Bates- come and get Them (300 OST)
    Veigar- Eternal Empire
    X-ray dog Boneyard 2 – de-composer drums Fx
    John Murfy – the icarus 1 (sunshine OST)
    X-ray dog Boneyard 2 – Dethrone the king Drums
    Epic score – Agenda
    X-ray dog K9 – Empire- In a Heart Beat
    Epic score – the righteous
    Charlier clouser – Zepp Overature (Saw OST)
    Linkin Park – In the End
    Brand X – Captivate
    Epic score – new evil
    Troy OST – 3200 Years Ago
    X-ray dog Boneyard 2 – Breaking point speed drums
    Audiomachine – bad blood
    Craig Armstrong – Hanging
    X-ray dog Mighty Dog –X-planet speed
    X-ray dog BBC Elements – Bursting Blood Vessel
    X-ray dog Bites bark Growb – Run Like hell
    X-ray dog Boneyard 2 – rankie drums Fx
    God Of war OST – Death of Kratos
    Two steps from hell – 1000 ships underworld
    X-ray dog – Dark Empire (remix)
    Hans zimmer – Gladiator OST
    Globus – Diem Ex Dei