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    Lamune - OP Creditless


    par Yukito

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    Lamune (ラムネ, Ramune?, lit. Lemonade) is a Japanese anime series that was adapted from a video game created by Neko Neko software.

    The main character, Kenji Tomosaka (友坂 健次, Tomosaka Kenji?), moved to this coastal town when he was a child. The sea was shining like lamune (lemonade) at that time, reflecting the sunlight of the summer. There he met a girl.

    Nanami Konoe (近衛 七海, Konoe Nanami?) lives next door. Her room is only one to two meters away beyond the veranda. Their rooms are so close it is as if they were within their arms' reach.

    As time passes, the seasons come round, their memories are being accumulated with time. They think of their normal lives and the common relationship as precious things.

    This is a view on their past relationship and how it has grown.