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    Inukami! (いぬかみっ!, Inukami!?) is a Japanese light novel series by Mamizu Arisawa originally serialized in Dengeki hp about the dog goddess Yōko and her master Keita Kawahira and their fighting against various troublesome spirits. It has been adapted into a manga by artist Mari Matsuzawa and into an anime by Seven Arcs. Several more inukami besides Yōko also play an important role in various episodes, most notably the inukami of Kaoru Kawahira. In the anime, Yōko is voiced by the popular voice actress Yui Horie, who also sings the opening theme song.

    The word "inukami" (いぬかみ, "inukami"?) appears to be a corruption of the word "inugami" (いぬがみ, "inugami"?), a type of Japanese spirit that literally means "dog god". The only difference between the two words is the lack of a dakuten in "inukami". It is unknown if this is to differentiate the show's inukami from typicial inugami, to allow for a pun (inukami can also mean "dog hair" with different kanji), or for other reasons. A possible reason is that traditional inugami are considered dangerous spirits, more likely to cause harm than help, and are sometimes used to invoke deadly curses.