Spirituality: The True Spiritual Seeker Spiritual person

Dr. Acharya Yogeesh
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The True Spiritual Person is one out of a million. The world seems to have a big spiritual crowd. However, out of this spiritual crowd, there are only few spiritual people, you can count them. It is easy to get trapped into a following. In addition, if you are surrounded by followers and tradition, you will never be able to grow spiritually.
Truth Seekers and Spiritual people who start young, are full of energy, and with the right guidance have so much potential to grow spiritually.
The true spiritual teacher will not hesitate to tell the truth.
I am telling you, Don't get trapped into the temples, idol worship, worship through idols, or statues. In the temple you will find priests, and the person who started the temple is a fake swami. Even the swamis worship statues, and they call themselves enlightened masters, or enlightened spiritual gurus?
God does not need praise. Statues are man-made. Idols are man-made.
I don't want to make you a follower. I want to make you a truth seeker.
The spiritual truth seeker's journey is pathless. It is a path that makes you look at who you are. It's an inward and backwards journey.
When you go deep inside yourself, beyond thoughts, body, and mind, you will feel something special, a soul. Soul knows everything.
The real truth seeker is so peaceful, compassionate and loving. They hold all great qualities.
When you have the opportunity to be around the spiritual truth seeker, the true spiritual person, you will taste those qualities as well. Don't be a follower. Don't listen to these fake swamis and fake spiritual teachers. Go inside yourself, know yourself, and you will find God there.
Never be a follower. Truth is hidden inside you. You are truth.

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im 15 and i am a true truth seeker
By uhhuh15 2 years ago