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    Tony Romo & Jessica Simpson Split! Brad Pitt Angelina ...

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    Another casualty of the NFL Playoffs! Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson are… Dunzo!!! All this and more on the Celebrity Couple edition of BSW…

    Hey everyone! I’m Amy Paffrath your host for your celebrity video news source. We report only the best celebrity gossip minus the fluff. Starring in this celebrity couples edition of BSW we have Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Tony Romo, Jessica simpson and Eva Longoria, And Tony Parker.

    It seems that celebrity couple Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson are Dunzo. Jessica simpson and Tony Romo’s relationship was heavily criticized for their Mexico vacation during the Dallas Cowboy’s bye week. Many fans felt he should have been preparing for the New York Giants game in which the Dallas Cowboys lost. Furthermore, Jessica Simpson has been nicknamed “Yoko Romo” for her negative effects on the Dallas Cowboys season. Poor Jessica I guess the pilot episode of Newlyweds: Tony loves Jessica has been canceled. So Dunzo.

    In other couple news the rumors of the Brangelina split seem to be false. Every week the checkout stand tabloids announce another split for this couple yet they seem to be weathering the storm. Here they are pictured together on the red carpet of the SAG award in Hollywood. Lookinn good Brangelina!

    In more couple news… After “baby bump” pics of this Deperate housewives star were circulating the net causing Eva Longoria to announce I’m fat not pregnant. Eva told E! News, “I’m like, ‘I just finished eating.’ I had no bump. I just ate pasta and Italian, and my pants were too tight, and I totally have a gut. I really just had a fat day.” Doth protest too much Eva?. What is wrong with a little baby rumour now and again. Could be worse. What about the Tony Parker and the Italian mistress rumors???

    Next time on BSW we will cover celebrity dating rumors, in the DID she or DIDN’T she edition. Until then I’m Amy Paffrath stay safe and stay tuned to the BSWChannel.