$36,486.55 are the final numbers, part 5


by tgdemos

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The final numbers are in. I think you’ll be impressed.

This experience has really opened my eyes to incredible marketing leverage.

I’ll explain a “deal” I’ve made with Frank that will let me share with you step-by-step how this entire strategy works – and I’ll provide every piece of the system along with the results it generated.

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Hi Mike,

Thanks for the share on the results from your Mass Control "test;" totally awesome! As always, your recommendations are literally worth their weight in GOLD!

Core Influence, Mass Control, InfoMillionaire and List Control are four of the KEYS I'll be including in my Traffic Geyser/FirePower arsenal, and making available to my brick and mortar clients whose businesses can benefit from Frank’s awesome understanding of influence and marketing.

BTW, THANKS for putting us in touch with Rob Canyon; definitely a great find. He is going to help those who got involved in his program to blow the doors of their businesses.

Know we’re all going to be blown away by the upcoming "Summit" on the 19th and what you guys & gals have in store for us this year.

Thanks again for all you, Tim, Bob, Rocket and Frank (S.) do for us. Before I forget, please thank the "other" Frank (the one from Macon!) for me too!
By Joe Emmet 4 years ago