Ahmadinejad is a two-faced bastard


by us_army_courage



Ahmadinejad is Right 100% and he talks same way everywhere.

Death to America means Death to America's policy. And he is totally right.
By jihhn 7 years ago
bomb the fucking lot
By dazzyo 7 years ago
The propaganda is coming from your comments mate. Everything you're saying has been taught to you through countless hours of systematic anti-American rhetoric. Your every statement is pre-fabricated by people who are motivated by political ideology and not the truth. America is not your enemy, America is the solution. The real enemy of Islam is Radical Islam, not America. If you want to think for yourself about America, read my past comments. Terrorists are not unarmed arabs. Those killing and attacking civilians are not our brave and courageous troops, but the terrorist maniacs who want world conquest. It is Radical Islam that attacked America on 9/11, not the communists. Radical Islam is attacking the entire world everyday, and that is why America is there now. Stop conforming to zealous, unfair and manipulative disinformation and think for yourself. History will prove America was right. Anti-Americanism is the only real propaganda out there.
By us_army_courage 8 years ago
What a fucking bastard... He's going to see who's gonna bow and surrender when we going to Destroy his Land.
By Vortex577 8 years ago