"Running To Stand Still" U2

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"Running To Stand Still"
by U2
Live from Paris, Vincennes 4th July, 1987
(from "The Joshua Tree" 1987)

3 commentaires

It's easy to say what you may be running from... but less so to know where you're running to. In the song, running to stand still. To still the mind may be one of the most challenging and rewarding. Yeah, there are easy ways out, like drugs as was the case for the girl in the song or for Bono himself. Sometimes I even create things to seem like I'm stilling my mind - art is a fabulous meditation, but even that can fall short because there is always the need for more, the need to run. For me it has been running from what I considered 'death' (marriage and kids and a white picket fence), running from a 9 to 5 job (another limitation and thus, for me, death), running from one town to the next, then one country to the next, seeking adventure, dreaming and then flying to that dream just so that I could dream again. It hasn't been by any means a bad life...but now I am seeking/running to stand still and I have found it possible in only one place no matter where I am.
Par marena9 Il y a 4 ans
on ne fera jamais mieux que U2,en particulier les + vieilles chansons méconnues.que c'est beau
Par celinischaller Il y a 7 ans
Ah... Qu'est-ce que j'aurai aimé aller à leur concert à cette époque!!!! un petit chouya trop jeune, snif ;(

qu'est-ce que je l'aime ce groupe! <3
Par _Medusa_ Il y a 7 ans