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    XTC - The Disappointed

    Clad Strife

    par Clad Strife

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    The disappointed
    All shuffle round in circles
    Their placards look the same
    With a picture and a name
    Of the ones who broke their hearts
    The disappointed
    All congregate at my house
    Their voices sob with grief
    That they want to be chief
    Of the tribe with broken hearts
    Once, I had no sympathy
    For those destroyed and thrown away by love
    Seems, your ring upon my finger
    Signifies that I've become the spokesman of...
    The disappointed
    Will bear me on their shoulders
    To a secret shadow land
    Where a sombre marching band
    Plays a tune for broken hearts
    And day grows darker now
    Everywhere, everywhere
    The disappointed
    Are coming in their millions
    They're spilling from the bus
    At a monument to us
    Made of bits of broken heart
    The disappointed
    Are growing every second
    They blot the sun to black
    At the bottom of the pack
    Par admiral_pruneIl y a 8 ans
    c'est dingue tout ce que XTC a apporté comme mélodies en ce bas monde. Merci.
    Est-ce qu'il existe des vidéos de The Dukes of Stratosphere, les vacances psychédéliques de XTC ?
    Par concombre143Il y a 8 ans
    trop bien !!vive xtc
    Par lepersonageIl y a 9 ans
    Beautiful song...
    Par HansVonLuckIl y a 9 ans
    Classieux et rare...
    Par admiral_pruneIl y a 10 ans
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