Clarity - Lonely Avenue

Myer Hyman-Lord

by Myer Hyman-Lord

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nice man nice! I give you props!
By feetaddict 7 years ago
thatswusup! Keep bangin em out!
By NUVOtv 8 years ago
I love using the oldish song in this and I thought it did flow! Of course, I'm whiter than liquid paper, too, but I know what I like.
By Lee Makamson 8 years ago - Rate the Grief!
By jjfoo21 8 years ago
thanks for all the feedback and yeah this is kindof an oldish song i made so the flow isnt too perfect, also i dont wanna be the next soulja boy because hes as gifted and intelligent as applesauce...also hell yeah its low budget im not signed or nothing but just keep in mind i produced the beat, rapped the song, recorded myself while folks on the bus gave me wierd looks, and edited the whole vid.
By Myer Hyman-Lord 8 years ago
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