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World's Musicians Project - Franco Rossi & Friends

Franco Rossi

por Franco Rossi

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Dear friends,
We got it! No matter the difficult and challenges, we catch up!
From the initial idea of Franco Rossi (Brazil), who one day dreamed about producing a song with a group of international talent players, each one in their respective countries recording their specific tracks, internet has provided the perfect tool!
In spite of these five people never had the opportunity to meet each other, we were able to produce a lovely song, 'Song for a better world', full of energy and soul!
I would like to thank Rod (France), Marco Rodi (Canada), Ibericdrummer (Spain) and Brendan Greaves (England), very much, for the dedication and passion on working with this song whose are fantastic from the very beginning of this journey!
I hope, one day in the future, to have the honor to play with this remarkable group, alive and together, in the “real” world.
Franco Rossi.

25 comentários

le WMP 2, c'est pour bientôt...encore un peu de patience et cela va être très bien...croyez moi
Por wery rodolphe Há 7 anos
Salut Coueland... Je suis avec peu de temps à la musique, mais bientôt vous en savoir une autre création. S’il vous plaît, attendre.
Merci pour votre commentaires, toujours douce.
Por Franco Rossi Há 7 anos
salut Franco. On attend une nouvelle création , une nouvelle musique
Por coueland Há 7 anos
Hello, my friend Ibericdrummer. It is a pleasure to see you here ... we will do the MWP2! soon I will send for you an e-mail.
Hola, mi amigo Ibericdrummer. Es un placer verlo aquí ... nosotros haremos lo MWP2! pronto voy a enviar para todos un e-mail.
Por Franco Rossi Há 7 anos
Hi everybody!
Same as Rod do i often listen to that project that i had the honor to participate. And my opinion is YES! we have to create a WMP2. Please hurry up and let's go again.
Meanwhile have a good time and the best wishes for you all.
Salut au guitariste ch'ti aussi.
Por ibericdrummer Há 7 anos
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