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    Super Doll★Licca-chan - Ending


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    Super Doll★Licca-chan (スーパードール★リカちゃん, Sūpā Dōru Rika-chan?) is TV anime series which ran on TV Tokyo from 1998–1999. Kodansha also serialized a manga based on the anime series in its monthly manga magazine Nakayoshi. The story follows an ordinary elementary school girl named Licca Kayama (香山リカ, Kayama Rika?) [1] [2] and the strange circumstances surrounding her origins, as well as the origins of her protector, Doll Licca.

    The series is an original story spin-off inspired by the long-selling and popular Takara doll lineup "Licca-chan" (created by Miyako Maki, wife of Leiji Matsumoto), designed to expand the regular dress-up doll series into a line of action figures. However, the new figures were only a mild success, and did not remain in production for long.

    The Show Premiered in Japan on the 6th of October 1998 came to a conclusion in 1999 after 52 episodes. Since it's release in Japan it has been translated into multiple languages, including Chinese, Italian and Tagalog, and has been broadcast internationally on various stations, including Taiwan's CTS and Hong Kong's ATV and TVB, Cartoon Network's Latin America service, and Italy's RaiDue.