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    What Makes a Great Babysitter?


    by DadLabs

    DadLabs Ep. 258 The Lounge - For this episode of the Lounge we asked what makes a babysitter great to our panel of expert parents, and to members of our non-studio (bar) audience as well. Is it dependability? Creativity? Experience? Cheap rate? What do you think the qualities of an outstanding babysitter are? Watch as a collective portrait of the ideal babysitter emerges from a smallish tavern in Austin. This episode brought to you by

    Please come join us for the next taping of the DadLabs Lounge. We'll be at the Tiniest Bar in Texas on Thursday, February 7th from 4-7PM. One lucky Labber will win a Mutsy stroller worth over $750! Just drop by for the drawing, and maybe take a turn in the hot seat.