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    Sentimental Journey - Opening


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    Sentimental Graffiti (センチメンタルグラフティ, Sentimentaru Graffiti?) is the name of a popular dating simulation series by NEC Interchannel. A TV anime based on the series was later produced, titled Sentimental Journey. Three Japanese radio dramas based on the series, titled Sentimental Night and Kaettekita Sentimental Night and Only Sentimental Night 2 were produced. A number of non-broadcast Japanese audio dramas have also been produced. Several dojin games have been made based on the characters, including the infamous Sentimental Shooting ecchi scrolling shooter, which combines a very engaging (and difficult) shoot-em-up with provocative imagery. Its nicknames amongst fans are typically Senti or the contraction SentiGra.

    Following the 1994 hit success of Tokimeki Memorial, NEC Interchannel initiated a cooperation between Tabeta Toshio and the main staff of the Graduation series with game production house Marcus in an attempt to produce a "Tokimeki-like" game. While the six central characters were casted by Seiji Productions, the remaining six were considered unconventional for the time in that they were selected for public appeal. At the time, many of the staff and cast were unknown by the general public, which spurred a large media sales campaign designed to widen the game's exposure and establish it as a new brand. Advertisements and articles were placed in many magazines such as Dengeki G's Magazine as well as the TBS radio show Sentimental Night which aired in 1997. A unit entitled "SG girls" was formed and numerous events and concert were held. The promotion paid off, as sales of various related goods took off and the game received a positive reaction from fans and copies became scarce.