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    Nyahbinghi Order against the walls of Babylon, cutting and clearing, renting and tearing,removing all obstacles, all gins and all snares from I&I way! Free Water Way we evr hail and chant! Man say wether by Lightning, Earthquake or Thunder, or be it by Man's hand, it must be done, HIM Chidren must Free from captivity, Free from all western deadly philosophy of wrong, Free from bondage and slavery! Come back forward to their Ancient Livity in self of self, their Creational Royalty as we were from Creation in the Land where all Gods and Goddess Love to Be, Black Ethiopia, Black Africa, Black Addis Ababa, Our Creational Birth Right through One Man Voice and Power, the Black Christ, Honorable Prophet John Marcus Mosiah Garvey I, High Priest Emmanuel I, Empress Menen I Mama 'Mega I King Selassie I JaH Ras Tafari