Arsenal - Our Lives - (8) Our Lives 2003-2004



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credit to:Hellwardk

My greatest work 'till now, and probably forever. It has taken me about 5 months with gathering of clips, editing, rendering

and uploading. It has taken a lot of time, A LOT OF TIME, so I hope you can set of 10sec to comment this one. If it is one

comp you are going to see this year, let this be the one!


great video... wat was the last music played behind the scenes...? really get u into the mood and also brings back old memmories... thx
作者:zlg 5年前
at 4:24 he says Fabrice Fabregas lol
作者:mwtf 6年前
fantastic team, fantastic manager!!
作者:youssef69200 6年前
Fantastic video, and fantastic season !
作者:planteone 6年前
it was fabulous...thanks for this video
作者:malti 6年前


Adebayor & Arsenal présente le Kpangor