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    MagicJack No More Monthly Phone Bill Interview at CES

    Todd Cochrane

    by Todd Cochrane

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    One of the coolest products I found that is perfect for the traveling military person, someone on the go or even for someone looking to get rid of their monthly phone bill was being demonstrated by a company called MagicJack.

    I was able to get a MagicJack and plug it into my USB port on my Computer and I was making free phone calls in about 5 minutes. The software is loaded on the device and it installs virtually automatically. I was able to pick out a area code exchange of my choice and was dialing out and having people dial in. Sound quality was very good.

    Whats cool about the MagicJack is that plugs into your PC USB port then you plug a regular phone into it and your good to go. Pick up the phone and you have a dial tone. Very inexpensive product.

    To get more information about the MagicJack and possible special viewer offers please visit and enter the keyword "MAGIC" or visit the vendors website at