Barack Obama wins SC, leads nationally over Hillary 63-48

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Obama wins most SC delegates

By The Associated Press 1 hour, 35 minutes ago

Sen. Barack Obama won 25 delegates in South Carolina's Democratic primary, narrowing Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's lead in the race for the nomination.

Clinton won 12 delegates and former Sen. John Edwards won eight. All of the South Carolina delegates have been awarded.

Obama has won the most delegates at stake in the primaries and caucuses held so far. But Clinton leads the overall race for the nomination because she has the support of more superdelegates, a group of about 800 party and elected officials who automatically get to attend the national convention this summer. Superdelegates are free to support whomever they choose, regardless of what happens in the primaries.

Most superdelegates remain undecided. But among those who have endorsed a candidate, Clinton has the lead.

In the overall race for the nomination, Clinton has 249 delegates, followed by Obama with 167 delegates and Edwards with 58.

A total of 2,025 delegates are needed to secure the Democratic nomination.

The Republican primary in South Carolina was a week ago, and Sen. John McCain won the most delegates to the Republican National Convention.

Overall, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney leads the race for GOP delegates with 59, followed by former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee with 40, and McCain with 36.

A total of 1,191 delegates are needed to secure the Republican nomination.

The Associated Press tracks the delegate races by projecting the number of national convention delegates won by candidates in each presidential primary or caucus, based on state and national party rules, and by interviewing unpledged delegates to obtain their preferences.

In some states, such as Iowa and Nevada, local precinct caucuses are the first stage in the allocation process. The AP uses preferences expressed in those caucuses to project the number of national convention delegates each candidate will have when they are chosen at ...

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