Korean Tea Ceremony - Simple Demo

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A glimpse at an age-old tradition, richly steeped in history, philosophy, and cultural heritage -- The Art of Korean Tea Ceremony. This video demonstrates the fundamental steps involved with steeping Korean green tea for a traditional tea ceremony.

Although what is shown is a simplified version, the steps demonstrated here contain the core principles of all Korean tea service and provide the necessary foundation to conduct more formalized ceremonies. Various types of tea ceremonies - including the Ladies' Tea Service "NaeBahng Darye" which can take one-to-two hours to complete a full ceremony and the Scholar or Men's Tea Service "SeonBee Darye" - all share the same principles and steps, deeply rooted in Korea's philosophy of tea.

**This Simple Demo video is part of the Korean Tea Culture Foundation's Public Information Series. Videos in this series present different types of tea ceremonies, some with step-by-step instruction or voiceover narrations and others still just with traditional music for a more meditative viewing. Additional videos from this series will be scheduled for release soon.

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To view images of Korean Tea Gardens and Tea Culture photos, please visit WWW.TEAPIX.COM

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Excellent video. A much needed look at the Korean tea culture.Thankyou for sharing.
By hazelnut036 7 years ago