Garfield episode the creature...

Jessy Leppert

by Jessy Leppert

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Link didn't show correctly ,, try this url ---> http://tinyurl.com/ootxr6x
By LesterFischer21274 September
rlu.ru/ftAS --- (full episode)
great vid! just out of raw morbid curiosity, you didn't happen to download this from a mininova torrent did ya? If so, I probably ripped it myself. it took me THREE DAYS to rip and encode all 121 episodes into AVI. I didn't use my computer at all during that time because I wanted them to come out right. Prior to that, I was only able to find Volume 1 and part of 2 online... Now, of course, all 5 volumes are readily available all over the Internet! :D
By mihalis_flip_trixen 6 years ago
This cartoon was so silly and funny.
By Patrick Joseph Kelley 7 years ago
Garfield rocks!

I wish I had the DVDs.
By GarfieldFan2000 7 years ago
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