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    Top Gear Stig Tesla Dodge SRT8 - Fast Lane Daily - 25Jan08


    by FastLaneDaily

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    By mdsiddik5 years ago
    Tesla Earthquake No. 333, occurring in a region with very few people, but its contributions on the geologic side only insignificant next to the damage inflicted on reality. In the discussion of "world-shaking" shocks, or those which affect seismographs all around the earth, the positions of the origins of shocks and the times of their beginning are deduced from the seismographic records, formula for the deductions based on instances in which the geographic position of the origin and the initial time of the shock are directly observed, and in which also the shock is so powerful as to give complete instrumental records at great distances. Seismography was a new science, the number of observed great shocks was small and the formula; were uncertain.
    By Christ6 years ago
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    By the legend7 years ago
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