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    Tight Like This - New Black Eagles

    bob erwig

    by bob erwig

    Tight Like This – New Black Eagles 1988
    I have heard very few bands ever attempting to recreate this fabulous piece of music that has inspired so many of us, who try to play early jazz. This was from the very
    last recording Louis Armstrong did in 1928 with his Hot Five. He then called it his Savoy Ballroom Five with Don Redman on reeds and Earl Hines on piano, a classic no lover of jazz should miss from his disc collection.
    The Eagles do their own version of this wonderful piece with great dynamics. Take the trombone solo and hear how the dynamics are increased in the second half of his chorus and then the band falls back to just solo piano. During the brilliant cornet solo the band starts a controlled riff in the second half and in the final chorus the cornet rides even higher over a full riffing band . Great and emotional playing by this superb band from the Boston area. I’m so glad I met these musicians in the early seventies in New Orleans and our friendship has lasted through all those years. Probably my favourite band!
    Tony Pingle cornet, Peter Bullis banjo, Stan Vincent trombone, Pam Pameijer drums, Bob Pilsbury piano, Eli Newburger tuba and Billy Novick reeds.
    Recorded live at the San Diego Festival in the fall of 1988
    Today almost 20 years later, they are still playing in almost the same combination.
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