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    Repressound: L'eclisse. Movie fragment from the installation


    by DissoNoiSex

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    One of the sequences from Michelangelo Antonioni's 'L'eclisse' on which the interactive sound installation 'Repressound' is based.

    Initially, in the sound installation these images are not visible. Only when the visitors of 'Repressound' generate some kind of sound (crying, speaking in a very loud voice, clapping...) the images appear, projected on the water that fills an oxidated oil drum.

    If the sounds disappear (when the audience remains silent), the images fade to black again. So the visitors of the installation have to keep producing sound if they want to follow the actions presented in this sequence. The members of the audience are the only sources of sound in this sound installation.

    'Repressound: L'eclisse' is a work by DissoNoiSex, and it was premiered at the PING! 4 festival for experimental art, in Andratx (Mallorca, Spain), October 2007.