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    Salvador Dali on What's My Line


    by beautifulcynic

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    'What's My Line' was an American game show that ran from 1950 - 1967. Its premise was basically a guessing game: contestants were to guess the "line" (line of work) and name of a guest, by asking only questions that could be answered with a 'yes' or a 'no'.

    In 1952, Dali appeared on the show, with hilarious results. Witness the verbal gymnastics the poor host John Daly must go through in order to be both fair to the contestants, and simultaneously not offend Dali's sensibilities... "I think it would be too misleading to suggest that our guest had a basic affiliation with sports - this is not to say that it's not within the compass of his enjoyment to indulge in this particular endeavour." Dali's answers, and the questions asked of him, become slightly surreal (pardon the pun) as the segment goes on. :)

    His performance is here in its entirety; enjoy!