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    WildC.A.T.S. Opening


    by actionshinchan

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    Jim Lee's Wild C.A.T.S : Covert Action Teams - American main title

    In the first series the Kherubim, a group of immortal aliens stranded on Earth for centuries, organize a "Covert Action Team" to fight the Daemonites, a second alien race with whom the Kherubim have long been at war. After 50 issues, the first series ended and a new incarnation was launched, under the simplified title Wildcats, focusing on the former members of the now-disbanded team and emphasizing a grittier tone during its 28-issue run. The third series, Wildcats Version 3.0, revolved around the HALO Corporation, its CEO Jack Marlowe (an amalgamation of original team members Spartan & Void), Grifter and a gallery of new characters subverting corporation politics to their cause of creating a better world. This incarnation lasted 24 issues and was followed by a nine-issue limited series entitled Wildcats: Nemesis, which returned to a more superheroic syle reminiscent of the first series. In late 2006, a fourth ongoing series was launched as a part of the Worldstorm publishing initiative.