A brand new video of a UFO sighting 2008

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A brand new video of a UFO sighting! Seems material for experts to be true!

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Belle Video :)) .. !
Von lovinggirl4 vor 3 Jahren
Your Awesome! Definitely the most creative dailymotionr? btw check out my pics!! hihi,,,
Von Alex Curran vor 4 Jahren
This video was created by someone calling themselves manbird12000. Go to youtube and search ufo first contact miniseries to see some preliminary cg from this. This ship is similar in design to the one used in Independence day but is different. This guy is working on a movie of some sort. His skills with cg are really good.
Von dunekahn vor 4 Jahren
fake but cool ...
Von kaan sayınbaş vor 5 Jahren
well played gymnasten123 but its obviously real. Although you may not think its using an electro-magnetic field the dual twin jet capacitor anti-gravity lightning materializer these new cpu's come with are stock, which is why they are able to do flips like that. I've seen some of these bad boys preform under galactic spectrum and they can do some pretty incredible stuff; like making their emf's invisible to the human eye.

its a common misconception
Von Rhockey8 vor 5 Jahren
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