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    Videoholic with Capt. Janeway of Star Trek Voyager - 2000!

    Ray Glasser

    by Ray Glasser

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    Wow, how did you get into this exclusive meeting and how can it we get it done again? I wish they would make a movie of Voyager, but it's getting too late to even consider it. Not only are they getting older, but they are saying that there is nothing more to be said. They could get around that if they only knew how successful it would be.
    By markdandrea6 years ago
    Hey Ray!

    This is Chris (homelessactor on youtube). That was awesome!!!!!!!!! Actually, I haven't been a big fan of Voyager...but I might give it a try. I like the Star Trek TOS and TNG. :-)

    ~Chris :-)
    By OnlineVideoViewer6 years ago